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Sometimes known as “the ugly one” Celeriac is commonly known as the ugly duckling of the vegetable world. Most people walk past it in the produce section not knowing what is, let alone what to do with it. Yet underneath its ugly skin is a soft velvety flesh that has the creaminess of potato with the added subtle flavor of celery.


Celeriac can be a perfect non-starch substitute for potatoes in a warming meal, and can be prepared in a multiple ways:

  • Grate or julienne raw and sprinkle with lemon juice for salads or slaws
  • Make a classic French remoulade: a julienned, lemon-soaked raw celeriac salad in a creamy mustard mayonnaise
  • Use it instead of potatoes in au gratin
  • Roast alongside chicken, lamb, beef or pork
  • Grate and add to potato pancakes or hash-browns
  • Cube or wedge it, parboil for 5 minutes, drain, toss with oil, salt and fresh herbs, and roast at until crispy on the outsid
  • Boil and mash with butter and cream
  • Dice small and sauté with other vegetables
  • Use in soup and casseroles



Step 1: Wash Celeriac. Cut a small slice from top and base so the Celeriac sits flat.


Step 2: To peel the celeriac, cut down the side, close to the skin, being careful not to remove too much flesh.


Step 3: Peel and slice it just before cooking, as it quickly discolours or place the pieces in a bowl of cold water and a squeeze of lemon juice till ready to use.



Refrigerate in a plastic bag or airtight container.