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Baby Cos Lettuce

Baby Cos is a speciality romaine lettuce that is grown for its sweetness and crunchiness. We grow a combination of commercial and our own varieties. Our range includes Baby Cos 2 pack, Baby Cos Red 2 pack, Baby Cos Mixed (1 green and 1 red).

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Leeks are part of the alliums’ family and have a more delicate and sweeter flavor than onions; leeks add a subtle touch to recipes without overpowering the other flavors that are present.

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We are very proud that the all the Celery varieties we grow are our own. To achieve this has been due to the dedication of Geoff Corrigan and Darren Corrigan and 40 years of breeding.


Interesting fact:  There are no commercial varieties of Celery that can be grown all year round.

Our Range includes: Celery size 8,10,14 and celery hearts, and celery sticks for juicing/processing.

Celery hearts ctn crop.png


Silverbeet is part of the beet family and is also known as Swiss Chard.

Our range includes: Standard Silverbeet, and also Rainbow these can come packaged in sleeves.

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A very exciting addition to our lines is Kale. We currently grow four types of Kale, Tuscan, Green Curly, Red Kale and our new Finesse Kale.

Kale is known as a Super food and has gained much popularity. It is great raw, cooked and juicing.

Our range includes: Sleeved and unsleeved kale, Kale hearts pre packs, and loose kale for juicing or processing.

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finesse kale crop.png
Tuscan Kale crop.png


Corrigan’s have been breeding Salad Onions (Sweeties) for over 40 years. We have bred our Salad Onions to be sweet, juicy and mild.  Once you eat these you will never go back to traditional onions.


As well as our “Sweeties” Salad Onions we also sell white and red bunched salad onions.

Red onion bunch.png
Sweeties bunch.png

Pak Choy

This popular Asian vegetable has soft green leaves, a crunchy pale stem and a mild flavour and idea to use in soups and stir fries

Pakchoy PROD7.png


Sometimes known as “the ugly one” Celeriac is commonly known as the ugly duckling of the vegetable world. Most people walk past it in the produce section not knowing what is, let alone what to do with it. Yet underneath its ugly skin is a soft velvety flesh that has the creaminess of potato with the added subtle flavor of celery.


Celeriac can be a perfect non-starch substitute for potatoes in a warming meal, and can be prepared in a multiple ways:

  • Grate or julienne raw and sprinkle with lemon juice for salads or slaws

  • Make a classic French remoulade: a julienned, lemon-soaked raw celeriac salad in a creamy mustard mayonnaise

  • Use it instead of potatoes in au gratin

  • Roast alongside chicken, lamb, beef or pork

  • Grate and add to potato pancakes or hash-browns

  • Cube or wedge it, parboil for 5 minutes, drain, toss with oil, salt and fresh herbs, and roast at until crispy on the outsid

  • Boil and mash with butter and cream

  • Dice small and sauté with other vegetables

  • Use in soup and casseroles

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